Saturday, August 2, 2008

All's Well that Ends Well

Tubing down the Provo River was the high adventure summer activity for the weekend. I had never done it before. Provo is no "lazy river"...

Still smiling!! After lost sunglasses, lost flip flops, two girls with possible broken toes, a bleeding knee, lacerated toes, and frozen hands we still had fun. No river can conquer us!

Once again I learned that I cannot maintain body heat. Despite the 90 degree temp outside, when I got out of the river I realized I could hardly move my hands- frozen from paddling with them. the river is - chilly. I had painful pins and needles while they defrosted. How pathetic! But, I will take frozen hands over the battle wounds and loses the other two faced. They struggled a little bit to keep in the middle...

Merely a flesh wound...

After tubing it was a day with family! Finally, we all got together! Siblings et al- including the latest edition Clara Rae! We have waited a long time for her! The two babies loved to play together. Tim and Andrea had a new glow- First time Aunt and Uncles.

All Natural Aunt and baby Clara

The computer is being taking away from me... will have to finish this later. Look for more pictures soon!

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