Thursday, August 7, 2008

Writing Philosophy

After some feedback from the "My Ensign Article" blog I feel a need to clarify. I have no intention of trying to publish what I wrote. I may try to submit an article at some point... maybe... If I find when I boil it all down there is something of value and with enough encouragement- I might attempt to write something appropriate for submission. This blog- or any blog I write for that matter- is my personal processing. It's where I "vomit" (for lack of a better term) all the thoughts for good or evil on the page. Then I can look objectively at them and understand myself and the topic better. I attempt to be as honest as possible and not censor too much. I find this enhances my personal clarity. I suppose I would rather say too much than not enough (generally). I would rather truly understand the issue and get to the heart of something than dance on the surface. I believe there are things you can only achieve by becoming vulnerable and taking risks. I try to not only write with this philosophy but live it as well. So if you have concerns- rest assured- I only write to better understand myself.

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