Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's all about family

Once again the Paul McOmber family is off for their next adventure. Destination- South Africa. Because Moscow Russia, Kuwait, Beijing China, and Armenia just weren't enough... Every 2-3 years my Uncle is stationed at a different US Embassy medical clinic as a PA. Friday night we had a family party- gathering as many McOmber's as could make it- to again sent them off with all our love.
I told Paul he needed to talk to the government so I could come and live with him and work at his Medical Clinic- all I ask is to forgive my pesky student loan... Wouldn't that be fantastic? Hang out with the giraffes for a few months or more...

Grandma Mac with 2 of her great grandchildren Heather Kenna and Clara Rae

Grandma has always had a special place in her heart for the babies.

How many McOmber's can you fit into one room and one photo while they watch the Olympics? And I was missing some who were hiding out upstairs...

Favorite Cousins...
(I know, Niki looks a lot cuter than me)
I truly love my family- what a gift in this world!! There are not many people in this world I like to be with as much as them.

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