Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time to Go Public

I have been debating this entry all week. Yes- write it, no- don't. I have valid arguments for both sides- which I am not going to share- just not important. But I finally came to the decision to go ahead and reveal the inside joke behind my last blog. In all honesty, I had hoped it would reveal itself in time, but it just hasn't. My final conclusion was- I don't want any false assumptions regarding my last blog.

If you haven't noticed- my roommates and I like nicknames- the most recent being kung fu- the FU stands for "failing upwards"- another story for a different time and place. Generally speaking, those with nicknames don't even know they have one. Last December/January I had a run in of names- you might say. There was a Nate Walsh, a Nate Cannon, and a Ryan Cannon. For someone who struggles with names, this was a little too much to handle. The girls struggled to keep track of them all and "Hometeacher Nate" was just too long. Emily decided to "name" hometeacher Nate something else to make life a little easier. Her first attempt was Fernando- now if you know Emily at all- this is actually something she might name anyone- (she hadn't even met him yet). However, Anya vetoed it immediately saying it wasn't acceptable. So Emily went back to the drawing board. Later that night I was in my room when I heard a big HEATHER!! coming from the front room. So I come out to see what all the ruckus was all about- Emily stated she had another name- Fuego. She had been reading a book with Tierra Del Fuego and decided Fuego was a most excellent substitution for Fernando. And well... the name just sort of stuck. To this day- 7 or so months later, "Fuego" is still used. So if you review my previous blog- it just might make a little more sense- and why we thought it was fabulous.

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qb said...

I am prodigiously proud of Fuego. I think it's been the best name of all the things I've named lately. Spread the word: my naming skills are fro rent. And, it wasn't just any book - it was a book of South American myths. A very important detail. :)