Sunday, August 24, 2008

There are many areas in my life lacking. My readiness to bear testimony of the light, truth, and love I have of and have found in gospel of Jesus Christ is one of them. My personal testimony, which is forever expanding, has come through my personal experiences and feelings. I cannot mind meld with people to enable them to understand and I cannot articulate my spiritual journey to the convincing of man. Truly the wisdom of God and the wisdom of man are not the same. And, the wisdom of God seems foolish to man. I suppose I still have yet to progress far enough to not care about how people think of me. It may be I am not yet willing to look foolish for God. And I think... who am I to tell you there is a better life for you? I believe I take my knowledge of the plan of salvation for granted. I have always had it and my mind does not always grasp that I know things others have no conceivable notion of. I was reminded of this this week and found myself in great awe and gratitude for my life and my testimony. Who am I to deny others the opportunity to know what I know? But these are tricky waters to navigate. I hope I can obtain enough light in my life that others will want to know more about me- leading them to know Christ.

I have felt the hand of God in my life, as well as His spirit teaching me, guiding me, and bearing witness to me of His existence too many times to deny it. I have felt His love and mercy-- The tenderness and care He takes toward His children. I am grateful for the restoration of the gospel. Satan will mar and twist anything of light. So much was lost and damaged... I am grateful for a prophet here and now- because even with the restoration we are good at damaging the truth... I am grateful to know I have a life purpose and where to go to receive direction for that purpose. I know the gospel is the plan of happiness.

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