Sunday, August 24, 2008

Costa Rica... 5 days and counting

You would think a blog about my upcoming trip to Costa Rica would be easy to write about. Already I have started and erased this entry several times. This in and of itself is telling. I am ready to leave- have a change and rejuvenate. I have found my work becomes very burdensome and I need to get away from it every 4-6 months. I hate the health care system as is... never mind- this is a blog about Costa Rica remember! Costa Rica is supposed to be incredible- a naturalist's heaven and an outdoor adventurer's candy store. The itinerary is enough to make one giddy. I just really hope everything goes according to plan- or better. Traveling with no reservations, I admit, makes me a little nervous- I prefer my ends a little more neatly tied than Amy. Sometimes it's okay to be ripped off a little to know there is bed or bus with your name on it. So needless to say, my apprehension is more- I have no idea what I'm getting myself into because nothing is really set. I kinda like more structure. But the non-structure is the part that excites Amy. We are two birds of a very different feather. She is extremely yellow and I am extremely blue. Last night she flirted me a free ice cream cone... I actually think we will make excellent travel companions(crossing my fingers)- she will make sure we have a good time and I will make sure we don't end up in jail or worse. What I do know is this trip will be a growing experience for me. Certainly breaking me out of my comfort zone. And sometimes knowing you are entering a growing experience can damper the excitement you should have. I know I'll be excited once I get there- (once we find a place to sleep...) Viva Costa Rica!!! I'm sure I'll have tales to tell if I make it back!!

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