Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting There...

Journal entry 9/05/08

At this point I think it is safe to say- we have conquered Costa Rica! Pura Vida! Taxi from our hotel in San Jose to the Gran Terminal Caribe Bus Station. (Why is hailing a taxi so satisfying?) Bus to Pureto Limon- the crack capital of Costa Rica, bus from Pureto Limon to Moin after paying for toilet paper and then hoofing it off the bus at a random stop by the entrance to the dock to get up to our hotel Mar Y Luna. We choose Mar Y Luna over the only other hotel because the other one was known for sailor and the girls who greet them. There is nothing in Moin- it is a oil refinery area- but that is its charm. Two single white girls on our own in a non touristy town. We relaxed at the restaurant loving the random mix of music and now... we are ready to crash. Traveling all day, and we all know how well I do with buses... Tomorrow we take to he sea- Tortuguero! We will see turtles or die trying. Truly we are off the beaten path- at least that is what it feels like. I made Amy call Willis Rankin to confirm our tour for Tortuguero. He is picking us up here - Hooray. I was not looking forward to finding this "unmarked dock" in the morning. After two days of buses form fresh air on a bot will hopefully do me good. This has in no way been a relaxing holiday- but it has been a conquering holiday. I can conquer the world with the Lord beside me. I have loved watching him weave people and things in and out of this trip, keeping, watching, and guiding. I surely didn't know what to expect form this trip- it certainly hasn't been what I expected except for a growing experience that has truly been fun. I have not been afraid to Live! That sums it up. And I'm really happy Amy is the one with the boy story and not me. =)

Waiting in line to buy our bus tickets we- but Amy mostly flirted shamelessly with the local boys. If you look closely at her screen you will see one the two - I guess they were about the same age.

Trying to sleep on the bus... Not nearly as bad as the ride to San Jose- but still a bus ride (one if two that day.)

So we had Pringles cravings starting half way through the trip. It may have been years since I last had a Pringles and I haven't had one since- but we sure had a lot in Costa Rica. Pretty sure it was the salt we were craving. Dehydrated from the humidity, we needed electrolytes. I love this picture of Amy- which I'm sure she is not such a big fan. We are waiting at the bus stop in San Jose.

About half way through the 3 hour bus ride there was a pit stop. This potted lettuce plant was the table decoration... I just had to take a picture.

Traveling Diva...

As always-- the dancing queen...

We got off our final bus which, at one point had to have been an American school bus, and hiked up the hill to the hotel (one of the two hotels in town). And it was a bit of a hike up the street with almost nothing around. I asked Amy while we were on the bus - how do you feel being the only white people on the bus- she said fantastic. I was in agreement. We had entered the Caribbean side and you could tell the difference.

The two hotel were next door to each other. We choose the Mar Y Luna because the other one had a reputation for it's sailor crowd and the women who greet them...

Top floor first room... I think we were the only guests that night. The morning... that was a different story.

Neither of us found dinner very palatable- so we opted for a french fry plate to fill in the gaps. I swore it would be a long time until I ate another french fry after that.

Let's just say not too many people were joining us for dinner. But they played the best 80-and early 90's music videos. Just for fun and because we had nothing else to do, we wrote the Moin playlist. Oh and - "Beef to the Onion"!! That is our new battle cry courtesy of the menu at the Mar Y Luna hotel restaurant.

Moin Playlist
End of the Road
Every Time You Go Away
One More Night
Forever Young
Hotel California
Lady in Red
Love Hurts
I Want to Know What Love Is
Fools Rush In
Why Can't This be Love?
Rains Down in Africa
She's Got the Look
Take my Breath Away
What's Love Got to do with It?
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
Walk This Way
Like a Prayer
Like a Virgin
If you Think I'm Sexy
Respect (Erasure)
Take a Chance on Me
Tell it to my Heart
Under Pressure
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
She's a Little Bit Dangerous
Walking on Sunshine
Owner of a Lonely Heart

I really want to put those songs on my IPOD-how fun would that be? (Which means I need to buy one... I had an MP3 player until I left it in Portland)

Whew... I promise we are getting near the end of Costa Rica. I will prevail and finish it!

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