Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tortuguero- the canal

At 9:30 am Saturday morning Willis came and picked us up from the hotel and brought us to the dock. Here we meet up with a group of about 10 to be shown the wonders of Tortuguero. It was nice to not have to think for awhile and just enjoy. Our transportation, lodging, activities and meals were covered for the next 30 hours.

One of my favorite shots of the two of us.-- Look good in Sepia- don't you think!

Amy and I were in agreement that the 3 hour canal ride to Tortuguero was a highlight. It was incredible how different the Caribbean side was to the Pacific.

This post is more a photo log of the amazing sights from the boat on our watery highway around Tortuguero. Their cars are boats and their highways are canals.

Amy and I sat in the front to have the best view possible. My legs were still sun burnt when I got back to Utah from that day.

Willis Rankin- our fantastic host and guide

This is why we were afraid for the little dog who went swimming after their family as they took off in their boat.

The "Imperial" bird...


Not sure what this guy was doing- but he was in the same position on our way back as our way there.

The police station?!

The canal was bird watchers paradise- I hoped to get a picture of the river otter- but he was too quick.

I know- enough with the birds already...

Another favorite picture of mine. Where the canal met the ocean... we took a hard left here.

Those would be bats all in a row

At this point, it really felt like we were on the jungle book ride in Disneyland. Except of course, 10 times better because this one was for real. So I had Amy take a picture of me with my "Mickey Mouse ears" on.
Toucan Sam
Ending with another favorite picture of mine.
So there you have a few sights from the comfort of Willis Rankin's boat. He also took us through the deep woods to see poisonous dart frogs- none of my pictures were any good- so just trust me- I saw them hopping about.
Next is our land based activities...

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