Friday, October 24, 2008

It's My Party and I'll Dance If I Want To

This may seem like a strange picture to put up for my party and to be first... My brother and his family came over early to support me and help me get ready for the big night. This is the only picture I have of them from that night. So, this is in honor of them. Love them all!!!! And to my family who might not recognize my sassy new haircut- that's me in the white shirt. Who would have guessed the blond, long haired little girl would end up with short and dark? But I love it!!
Upstairs was where there was room to mingle for those not interested in listening to the band or dancing. My mom worked hard to create a 30 pictures of Heather. Starting from the day I was born to today. It was on my computer for any curious soul to peruse. Downstairs was where the action was. Ken my downstairs neighbor let us use his house for the band. It was very convenient that he was out of town that week. I am happy to report there was no damage whatsoever. It was in better condition when all was said and done than when he left- cleaner.
I hate the first hour of a party because heaven forbid anyone show up on time. And really how awkward for those first few souls who trickle in. Fear of Failure! But as you will see- in the end all worries fled. And if no one else had a good time- I did.

How could I turn 30 without dancing?

This is when I could really relax and have fun. The critical mass had been reached. The party was a success and a lot of fun, if I do say so myself!

I wasn't the only one dancing!!!

The infamous Emily Utt!

Krissy and Jeff- Krissy sings an incredible version of If You Could Hie to Kolob. Personally, I think you have never heard it until you've heard her sing it.

The band in action. Where did I get them? From my ward of course... I mean really, how many wards come fully equipped with such talent? A full band and equipment- how lucky could I get?!

Why another picture of the band you ask... Because the one above was lacking Mr John Walker- I couldn't truly have documented the band without a picture of him.

Clara Rae and I... she was quite the partier. Loved having her there. I love having her in our family!

Ashely Stolworthy is truly one of my favorites in this world!

My brother and his family with James McOmber, our second cousin I met on facebook. Never met him before my party. =)

My friend Steve the comedian. He was great to come and give us a few laughs. I'm not into stand around and stare/ hope you find someone to talk to parties... I wanted more!

Part of the crowd enjoying Steve.

The "free bird" and I. She came back just for me- or at least that is what I am choosing to believe. "Don't take it away from me." =)

The amazing talented members of H2A dance. Heather Heiner, Heather McOmber and Athelia Wholley. We really did have fun. Nothing but fun- not a serious bone in the dance . We choreographed it at Liberty Park. It is so fun to be in the choreographic process. If all goes well there is a video of it at the end.

Announcing H2A Dance. I had to give up the jeans for dance appropriate costuming. I ended up wearing them the rest of the night. Those pants are just too great. I found them in a closet in this house when I moved in. It was meant to be- they fit perfectly! The dance was a hit. So much fun to perform. Dancing in front of a crowd may not be everyone's birthday wish, but that is what makes me-me. I wanted my birthday to represent me, what I like/love. Let it be clear- this is not how I wish every birthday to be. I enjoy performing, but I do not seek perpetual spotlight. I had a need to go all out for my 30th- so I did. We danced to Dancing Queen by ABBA. Which has been my personal theme song since I first heard it when I was 17. How could it not? Flirty, sassy, and fun -those were the choreographic guidelines.

The Birthday Cake! Carrot from Costco- and it was mighty tasty!

Finally- the funnest card that just had to be worn!

SADNESS!!! Loading the video of our dance is just too much for my poor ancient computer to handle. Both times I tried, T-Rex made a valiant effort, but just couldn't pull through. I almost made my computer extinct. I will try to load it up using someone else's computer because it is too good to miss.


qb said...

The party was a gas. Way to rock. I think I'm going to like being "infamous."

Anonymous said...

Are you a coconut?


a s h o l i n a said...

I heart you!! Way to turn 30 and rock it at a killer party. You are fabulous.