Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Fun Continues...

I am excited!! The birthday festivities continue this weekend. I decided after I missed my Moab trip in March due to being deathly ill, that I was going to go for my birthday. Tomorrow- I'm off - my first time- can you believe it?! I'm getting through that list of mine, slowly, but surely. I'm going with Rachel and Steve France, my amazing cousins who are planning and taking care of just about everything. I mentioned it was what I wanted to do for my birthday and they are making it happen. I am so blessed to have such great people in my life. Camping, hiking, rappelling... and time to relax!!

I am am progressing with my guitar lessons. Or at least my fingers are not as sore. I have picked up my guitar everyday this week after my first lesson last Wed. Calluses are beginning to form! I just wish my fingers didn't feel like they were drunk trying to switch between the cords. I am determined to learn. I love making music- whether it is playing the piano, singing, or my few cords and two songs on the guitar. There definitely is something joyful about creating- regardless if you are a natural born talent. Speaking of making music... I still need to play before I give into the strong pull of my sleigh bed. So this entry is short and sweet. I have some blog guilt because I have so much more to do on it but- time, my friends, is illusive. My goal is to finish Costa Rica on Sunday. What are the odds...?

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