Friday, August 6, 2010

A Gift

I have come to terms with the fact that I do not have a great memory. Too many times in my life I've thought- I'll for sure remember/ never forget this... only to find by sad experience I end up wondering just what all those "I'll never forget" experiences were. Hence is why we are encouraged to keep a written record, especially of those things that are the most important. I wonder why it is our first instinct to groan at the idea of journal"ing" like it is some great burden or agenda being pushed upon us. The miracle of the gospel is... as I ponder the principles and even suggestions that are taught I have yet to discover any that ultimately isn't for my increased joy, satisfaction and peace in life. Why I find myself continually pushing against it at times really is baffling .

This week I have encountered a person, thoughts, and ideas that I do not want to lose into the abyss. The woman's name is Leah Cox. She is a member of the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company. She came as a guest teacher for the RW summer workshop. I was able to take 3 mornings of dance classes from her this week off. At the end of the last dance class this morning all I could say to thank her and express my thoughts was "You are a Gift". Because that is truly what she is. She is a beautiful soul, dancer, and human. Her intellect is sharp, absorbing, clear and expressive. Some how I was left realizing dance is all at once more and less. What she asked/hoped we would take home is increased questioning. Questions I remember are- what is the source of the initiation of our movement- how can we explore/change it? muscles, bones, joints, distal, proximal, energetic, tangible, sequential, simultaneous, action based, contact, floor at mid plane... Understanding what all that means and how it applies to dance isn't what I am here to talk about. I just want those words for my own memory- because it means something to me. A big take home piece was putting the weight more in the middle of the foot and translating that to walking, leaping, jumping etc. Amazing to me that even after all these years I still trend to a "falling backwards" position-as is generally inherit to many people. But what I loved the most was the thoughts she shared in the open panel discussion after the free showing of the piece she set on the company. Rather than create a logical flow of thoughts I just want to lay down the snippets I wrote on the program for the concert that inspired me. Like snapshots or flashes of light.

Dance is simply the craft of the movement of bones and muscles.
Any good work of art must reflect US. (quote from Bill T. Jones)
I wish we would let go art being "good" or "bad" and just feel free to create for the joy of making something.
Art can bring tension- but are we able to rather than run from the tension -sit in it and learn about ourselves from the tension we are experiencing. Often the point of "the work" is to excite and therefore insight you.
Art can be difficult to receive when we enter with an expectation of what we want to experience.
Art exercises a portion of the spirit that makes us better. It expands us. As the creator or the receiver.
There is a power to creating art. We do not know what a simple idea can become. Often a great far reaching piece of art started with a small and simple idea.
It is a courageous person who dares to create and is willing to make the first strokes.
Why do we separate ourselves between "artists" and "others". Why can't my art inspire you to create your own- whether it is "good" or "bad".
Art is a force that brings people together and exposes you- new thoughts, understandings, insights.
Creation is an inherit human joy and right.

The original definition of aesthetic from Greek is some thing that enlivens us. Anaesthetic is the opposite, something that deadens us. So why do we put so much attachments and qualifications to what is or is not aesthetic. It is simply something that enlivens us- that is going to be different for each person but not right or wrong, good or bad.

Thank you Leah for the joy of connecting and learning from a truly giving and open soul. It was inspiring not just because of the greatness of your words but because of the greatness of the sould behind the words. It was a gift to be expanded by your presence. Each life that touches our for good...

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