Monday, August 23, 2010

Tetons and Yellowstone

Toward the beginning of the summer Emily and I sat down and made a few plans. This is the result of one of them...

Old Faithful....

The crowd watching Old Faithful

Tetons ( this isn't in order )

More Tetons

More Tetons

Yet more Tetons

And again the Tetons- when you fall in love with something you tend to take a lot of pictures...

Elk- and I am not really zooming in-at all.

My favorite picture of the crazy pair. Thank you for being so great Miss Utt

THE falls

Self Portrait of Emily. Careful of giving your camera for Emily to hold if you ever have to use the bathroom. You never know what you will get. I remember a picture of the rail, the bench, Emily, and a few more things.

Lions and Tigers and Bears! Okay maybe just bears.

Just barely enough room for the two of us =) thank you Anya for the use of your tent. I do plan on buying my own- soon.

Buffalo bones

We weren't walking too far away from this guy. He was HUGE.

At the Lodge- the desk was perfect for Emily. I imagine her out hiking all day and coming home to study at this great desk.

HOT. Bubble bubble bubble.

It looks serene...

Emily jumping into my picture. It would have been so dull without her. She made the shot!

Here is our ode to Idaho- we had to stop on our way to appreciate the largest potato ever.

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SRA said...

Wow. Gorgeous. I'd love to go someday.