Wednesday, August 18, 2010


With a title like that it seems like this should be a Christmas post. Well, I guess I feel like it's Christmas- actually I find Christmas a difficult holiday these last few years- so it is better than Christmas. What is making me so happy you ask... I am dancing! This week, 6 hours a day Mon-Fri with only a 15min break in the middle. Yikes! I auditioned for a concert on Sat and was given the gift and honor of being choosen for a piece that will be in a concert- next week. If you don't know the behind the scenes of putting a quality performance together- let me tell you- 1 week is insanity. But I find myself clinging to the edge of sanity frequently so I guess this is right up my alley. Hence the 6 hour grueling schedule. I am bruised, sore but very happy. I feel like a dancer again and that is my favorite way to feel. I may even have my picture in the Salt Lake Tribune on Sunday, there was a photo shoot today. I have been waiting for a chance to dance for a long time and I finally have one! So if you are so inclined you can come see me- Aug 26-28 at the Rose Wagner "Momentum". You can buy the tickets online at ArtTix.
Wish me luck!


heidikins said...

Yay!! So exciting!!


SRA said...

Good luck :D