Monday, August 23, 2010

A View From the Top

Mostly pictures I took at the top of my hikes this summer. Beautiful is a poor word to describe the scenery. And...I will say I am upset with Blogspot because as of this summer all my pictures look dull when I post them- not the same quality as on my computer or print outs. So I promise the real pictures look much better AND the real thing is of course better than it all.

Lake Catherine

View along Red Pine trail.

This day ended up being a 7 hour hike...

Red Pine Lake

Random shelter up by Devil's Castle in the saddle.

Fossils! Sea fossils on the top of the peak! Crazy. All the things I would miss if it wasn't for Chris. I have learned a lot from hiking with him.

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heidikins said...

Oh goodness--these are gorgeous!