Friday, July 16, 2010

For Pete's Sake

I choose to believe that everyone has ghosts that they face. Their own personalized monsters in the closet- just like "Monsters Inc". I wonder if some learn to face their demons as children- getting so fed up being scared and bullied into the corner of their bed that they finally got up, opened the closet, turned on the light to find the light scared the shadows away and in truth there was nothing worth fearing to begin with. Having faced their fears and braved what was on the other side they found freedom from their ghosts and the key to face new ghosts that may come their way. But what about those that never found the strength to walk right up to their demons? And as a result, their closet begins to burst at the seams as life's process gathers new demons and fears because they never learned to open the door and shine the light on what was inside.
I believe-everyone has ghosts in the closet, no matter how good someone gets at facing their fears. Life constantly brings them- it is just a matter of whether you stay on top of your ghost problem or if you let them overpopulate by failure to deal with the problem. This I have decided. It must be, because, I cannot be the only one with ghosts. A "ghost" can take many forms- constant to metamorphosing, real tangible, to illusionary magician. Personally my ghosts are illusionists taking the form most commonly as thoughts. Constant stream of thoughts and stories about self. I find it frustrating that I have yet to shine sufficient light upon these monsters in the closet to find them no more in my life. I want to know- When do I grow up enough to not be afraid of the dark-whether or not there are demons, ghosts, monsters, or goblins in the closet?
But I suppose that is all in the process of life and in the process of learning to let go of trying to control life. The true "cure" is putting trust in higher powers. This -Faith-I believe is the key to "growing up"/ "losing the fear of the dark". And I believe that although there is much to conquer in life, if I learn how to shine "this" light in the closet I will finally see that there is and never was anything to truly fear.


McDave said...

Thanks for reposting Heather- I do think it is representative of what all of us experience- just put into words that are vulnerable.

Dave =-)

Thinker said...

It is perhaps the darkest of the dark that brings us to the light that dispells. I like walking amongst my fears, looking their faces and at times having conversations with them. It is how I come to know them and their tricks. The problem with this 'walk' is they often run away because I have come to know them so well.

I love your thoughts. Keep writing.