Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventures with Mom

Mom came into town and in order to spend some time with her I kidnapped her from the grand kids. We ran off to Cedar City for the Shakespearean Festival- a highlight of the summer. Macbeth, Kolob canyon, morning poolside at the hotel, and a lot of carbs is the cliff notes version of the great 27 hour escape. There is nothing like art to capture and teach great principles. What I love about Shakespeare tragedies are the lessons about dangerous vices that ultimately lead to pain and suffering. Pride, vanity, greed, anger, jealously, lust... The lesson is so clearly painted in such painful detail that it can at times be difficult to watch. But that is the power of the lesson- we see clearly the distinction between the road chosen and the "if only" road. So hopefully if ever in a similar situation when the road isn't so clear to us we can remember the "if only" and be better able to chose wisely.

In Kolob my mom made the comment that "this" is better than Disneyland. As much as I have a special place in my heart for Disneyland- she is right. The real wonders and magic of the earth are much better.

I LOVE climbing trees...

The stage- an outdoor theater- marvelous. And I didn't even get cold- although I had a blanket with me just in case.

Hanging out with Bill


heidikins said...

I *loved* Macbeth! Such a fantastic version of that show!


SRA said...

I saw "The Merchant of Venice" in this theater last Saturday (the 14th). SO most of the plays are wont to be year in and year out there.