Thursday, April 2, 2009


I could do with a little more sun and a little less dreary weather...
Only one more "Thursday" left at work! (Thursday's are my least favorite work day)
I need to go grocery shopping!
Can I swing South Africa in 2 weeks? I might have to wait until later this year...
I am terrible at pool.
I'm really ready for a change in my perpetual single status... just putting it out there.
Another medial appointment tomorrow- maybe one day I will be able to eat bread and pasta again. Maybe one day I'll feel all better.
Excited to crawl into bed and sleep perchance to dream.
Hoping I'm up for 7 10hr shifts in a row.Italic
Only 9 links left in my paper chain.
Doing better in my ballet class- there is such a thing as muscle memory.
TGIF (tomorrow)
General Conference!
Night all

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a s h o l i n a said...

Me likey. me likey YOU more. Loves, Ash