Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ah Ha

I had an Ah Ha moment today in church- I just love those. We were discussing the challenges the Saints faced during the beginning of the restoration of the gospel. So many of the stories from that time period are heart wrenching. As I was pondering their plight and their faith I kept thinking -I know that God is all powerful and able protect his people and prevent any or all of these tragedies. All the books of scripture are filled with miracles when God delivered and saved His people-truly He is able. But... He did not. I am sure He was standing near, watching, and even protecting more than we will ever know. But yet they suffered so! He surely knew something we do not. He had to know that everything would not only be okay- but be for the greatest good possible. The ah ha moment came when I applied that to my own life. A lesson I have learned before- but not quite so powerfully. God is capable of fixing all my woes right now- He is even standing so close that I might feel or hear His breath. But the fact that my trials continue on means that everything is okay. I am strong enough to endure and overcome- if not He will fill in the gap whether or not I'm aware of it- and it is for my greatest good. Am I making any sense? I can "rest" in my troubles because I know God is able to save and if He chooses not to then, no worries, because if it were necessary He would. This is when I feel like a good "Praise the Lord, Praise Jesus!" is needed.


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Trisha said...

Very well put! Thank you for sharing and reminding me of this, as well!

a s h o l i n a said...

I like your ah-ha moment. A lot!! :)