Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Adios Stewart Rehab!

End of the road! It was surreal walking out of work today. I remember the days work felt like a prisonand I had a life sentance. With my chains taken off I was hesitant to take the steps of freedom laid before me. Is it okay, is this right? Am I really free? I truly will miss the people I have worked with that has always been the gem along with many of my patients. I have great memories. I truly felt the love my co-workers have for me and their sincerity in their faces including a few tears when they said I would be missed. It is a really good feeling to know you have been a positive influence and been a positive part of others lives. But any second guessing about my decision was answered in a single glance outside- white swirling snow in yet another Ogden blizzard I was about to drive home in. It was as if the heavens were sending its witness- a confirmation to get out and don't look back!

A few pictures of most of my co-workers and the roommate celebratory dinner at Sawadee! Dinner was the best part of the whole day. I was over the goodbyes and ready to rejoice! And how can I not have fun with my girls?! It had been a long time since we all went out together and it was sooo good!

Boyd Eastman, Heather McOmber, Marie Perkins, Tamika Hardy, Jason Loveless, Alan Keller, Cheryl Wheelwright, Rose, Tres Ferrin

JoAnn Ynsdyal, Heather McOmber, Tim Semideni

Jennifer Kimball, Heather McOmber

Heather McOmber, Jody Wong

Tamika is going to kill me for this picture! I snapped it while she was talking...

Do I deserve this? Yes, yes I do!!! I feel like I just got away with something great and I don't care if I get caught.

Emily had fun with my camera- the gong at Sawadee

Apparently Emily needed a picture of our empty rice bowl. Things are frequently empty when we eat at Sawadee.
Looky, looky- it's all of us! Except Emily felt a need to have a tomato grin so after a little chastisement we tried again =).
All of us take 2! Anya Bybee, Emily Utt, Heather McOmber, Kristin Yee
And tomorrow I am off to Southern Utah for some spring time camping! Complete with Indian carvings and family. All this goodness makes me feel like singing! (Dancing is just a given...)

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ai said...

The world is wiiiiiiiiiiiidddde open! WoooooooHoooooo! I'm so excited for you and your new adventures! God Bless...some more :)