Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Like Mine Live

Hooray!! We actually managed to get 3 guys to come along to the John Mayer Concert with us. We were quite pleased with our accomplishment. You wouldn't believe how hard that was. It took me 4 tries to get it right. It would have been better if Emily had asked Micah (you wouldn't have known she didn't) and if Adam- well, had been someone else. He was the only "not too happy camper" in the bunch. But I didn't stress over it- not my date, not my problem. I was doing just fine.
All but one
Someone had to take the picture...
Points to anyone who knows who is not captured in the photo ;)

Levi and I

Big thank you to Levi for being willing to drive out from Logan. Great company to be in for the evening. I hope he didn't mind me talking so much... I felt like a motor mouth. He didn't even mind it when I broke out into dance here and there (or at least that's what he led me to believe). What can I say: music = dancing right? Levi is a rock star himself- a drummer of all things. I wish I knew him while he was playing in his band. He certainly does not give off a strong physicist vibe. Who would have thought? I would love to see him show off his science fair to the grade schoolers.

The 2 that should have been paired initially. They appeared to be quite enjoying the evening...

The Girls- Honestly, what would we do without each other?

The Stage- John is down there somewhere!

A word about John Mayer. Summer 2002 - I am in graduate school. Some of my friends are big John Mayer fans- he was coming to NC and we all decided to go. I knew some of his songs- liked some better than others, but not what you would consider a fan. Then I heard him live... I was amazed- I couldn't believe how good he was. The real genius of John, in my opinion, is in his guitar playing. (You never really hear it in his recordings- and if you do most people don't realize it's John.) When he just rocks out and leaves his nice, neat, and pretty set and lets the moment empower him- it is fantastic. He has a blues soul that weaves through it all. I like all of his songs better live than on his albums. Some of his songs, which I don't like much at all, somehow are transformed when he performs them live. Stage presence, taking it as it comes, and just wanting to share his music sums it up. I loved the concert. So thus marks my 3rd Mayer concert and he hasn't let me down. Although, he was minding his manners in Utah- the 2x I saw in him in NC he demonstrated quite the freedom of speech. Here, he only swore 2x. And then he apologized, stating, he forgot he was in Utah.

My favorite song? "Say What You Need to Say"- Really, I think this is my anthem. Want to know a little about me? - Listen to the words- don't worry there aren't many- but it is like he opened up a piece of my soul and wrote a song about it.


a s h o l i n a said...

How do you know Levi?!?!?!

qb said...

It was a rockin' good time...even though I still feel bad about the great man switch.