Thursday, June 24, 2010

Roses Roses Roses

A few weeks ago I took a class on Roses for Beginners at the Red Butte Gardens. I must put a little plug in for the Red Butte Gardens. If you have never been- you must go! It is amazing.
The teacher is a rose fanatic. If you think I'm exaggerating just wait- you will agree with me I promise. I can only describe him as Occidental/Guernsville meets West Side SLC. I do realize that means nothing to most- but for the people who do know those two places it means everything.
This man and his wife bought a corner drug store and turned it into their home and office. In place of the parking lot and side lots he has planted roses. Almost 500 different rose bushes. He said his rose garden was peaking and that anyone was welcome to just help themselves through his gate and have a look. So I took him for his word. I rode my bike down to 880 W 200 S- Emily drove out to meet me and this is what we found.

PS- I learned a lot of great things about taking care of roses which I am very excited about! I have been wanting to learn more about caring for roses for years. It was a great class and now my roses will be even greater.

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SRA said...

I love how roses seem to grow everywhere, often unbidden, here in SL. And the pics are BEAUTIFUL! I'd love to see that place at some point.