Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Retreat

Last month I was going a little stir crazy and HAD to get out of town. I knew that my mental health was at stake if I spent another week off at home. So on Tuesday I called my grandma and asked what she was doing that week and if I could come-ummm... tomorrow. then I hopped in my car and took off 10hrs to Redlands California. NO, I didn't go to the beach. YES, I do love the beach- but that wasn't the objective. I went to be with my grandma. I slept in, went for a 2 morning runs (enjoyed thoroughly how my lungs didn't burn with asthma there), argued and lost with my grandma about who was paying for what, got a little sun, bought a bunch of the freshest sweetest oranges from the tree, Lion King, a trip to the apple orchards, my first apple dumpling, introduced my grandma to Red Box with a rental of Young Victoria (highly recommended!! amazing film) and then Saturday I turned right around and came home. It was just what the doctor ordered. Love you Grandma!!
We are 2 independent women steadfast and immovable (that is what my grandma says instead of stubborn) and it is an honor to be your granddaughter.

California Poppies- growing wild on the side of the road.

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SRA said...

You have the funnest life. I'm just sad you didn't hit up the Redlands Temple. Next trip, right? ;)