Tuesday, June 22, 2010

MP 19th Stikes Again

I am making an attempt to integrate and become invested in the Monument Park 19th Ward. Whether you describe it as a valiant attempt all depends on your perspective. Every time I go to an activity I find the the song "one of these things is not like the other, one of these just does not belong, can you tell which things is not like the other by the time I finish this song" running laps in my head. And it seems to sum things up nicely. I am the thing that does not belong. I am the misfit in this ward. One begins to ask just why I am going there. I hope it gets better soon.
The latest adventure occurred at FHE this week. A night of beginning social dance. I am not in need of beginning social dance lessons but I thought it a good interactive way to meet people so I gave it a go. And I walked away with a latest and greatest story. Are you ready for it?
There was a change in partners in the dance line and a a new man strolled up beside me and asked how I was doing with the dancing. I replied "I am doing fine- but dance is my thing". To which he looked at me quizzically and asked- "dance is your thing?" "Yes", I said, "I am a dancer." At which point he stepped back looked me up and down and said "You don't look like a dancer." "What does a dancer look like?" I asked. "I don't know" he said, "lithe and elegant". I was stunned and speechless. Did he really just say that? And the funny part was he was clueless as to the backhanded jab he just handed me. He went on with get to know you conversation as I was attempting to smother the steam that was rising. And I thought-hmmm, I wonder why you're not married.
So there you have it.
Another successful blog entry courtesy of MP 19.


heidikins said...

Gaah! I would have smacked him upside the head. Or at least called him something equally rude.

You are lovely, and you can *clearly* keep your cool.

(Also? I miss you.)


Nasher said...

OMG! I know I say some stupid things, but at least I know I am not that bad. And you are absolutely a beautiful and athletic woman. Women would kill for your figure and dance abilities.

SRA said...

Yup...I've heard a bunch of stories like that out of MP 19. The guys are just clueless about their word choice.


I just got into the ward as well. It's kind of a bummer. Thankfully they put me in what I *think* is the right calling for me. Maybe I can get things moving around here...