Sunday, December 7, 2008


Drive home for Thanksgiving with the companionship of a good friend- 12 hours later and we still like each other- a whole weekend and another 12 hour drive- amazingly enough- we still like each other.
Turkey with all the trimmings
Redwoods, wineries, beaches, San Francisco- Chinatown, wharf, Ghiradelli, sun, blue sky, family...
Leaking tire leading to an unexpected expenditure of 2 new tires
Finishing the Twilight series and hating to admit- it is an entertaining story
Consulting with the dancers at Salt Lake Ballet conservatory
A ginormous purple bruise on my leg from choreographing a dance for the ward talent show tomorrow night. Worried that A) I'm not a good enough dancer, B) the dance isn't good enough or C) people will think I'm crazy because it is another tortured love story. (It's what I do best... always autobiographical- unfortunately)
Still struggling to find balance
Work is better because I was finally able to get my manager to agree to change my schedule. Starting and ending an hour earlier Tues and Thurs. No more home at 8pm.
Wondering if, with the low morgage rates and slowed market, should I buy a house?- the next 12 months would be the time...
Heather Kenna's first birthday- a family dinner- yeah, I really like my family.
Dying for more sleep...
Good Night!

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