Monday, March 22, 2010

Circling Vultures

Yesterday I ventured into a new world. Entirely overwhelming and a touch frightening, but I had some trailblazing friends with me to help me out. I am talking about going to church at the Monument Park Ward. AKA- YSA ward failures now in remedial church. A singles ward for 31-45 year olds. There is that moment of "Is this really where I have come to in my life? Am I really here?". In the beginning of one meeting they announced that if there was anyone over 45 to please see the leaders and they will help you find somewhere else to attend. I had a moment of panic- I NEVER thought I would be in a 31+ ward, what if I get to 45+ and am still single? For sure I will be in a family ward in all my single grace teaching the primary by then.
I digress...
After the meeting I was talking to a couple of friends- Rob and Rachel. I got distracted in our conversation and had to stop and apologize with the explanation that I was distracted by a guy that keeps walking past over and over looking over and staring us down. Rob made my day by saying- "oh yeah, there are some that do that here- you have to stay close to your girlfriends." It's a good guy who can call it out like that. Then Rachel took it a step further by saying "Circle the Wagons!". Just to top it off I couldn't resist-"The Injuns are coming!". (that is slang for Indians if anyone is confused...) That brought a great deal of laughter at a much needed time. Unfortunately we broke rank and the Injun cut us off at the pass as we were trying to make our great escape. For the betterment of all "man"kind- please note that the "you look familiar, do I know you from somewhere" is a much overused pick up line. All it accomplishes is to make me feel like I have the most common face ever, because NO, I do not know you from somewhere. I managed to squiggle out of his grasp fairly quickly (not too rudely) and make a run for the door.
That evening my friend texted me to find out how the great adventure went- he attended that day as well. The conversation that ensued was the second highlight of the night.
Me: I was overwhelmed but I am going to give it a chance. Your thoughts?
Friend: EJECT! (he's a pilot)
Me: Well there was this vulture that was circling after church, I tried to run for it but he was too quick.
Friend: What the vulture didn't realize is that you're not dead yet.
Thank goodness I am not dead yet!!! I may be 31 and single but I have a lot of life yet! You can't just have any good looking pair of boots you see at church.


SRA said...

I have a bunch of friends who go to that ward...if you need "referrals" of some cool people to seek out in MP 19, let me know.

heidikins said...

Oh goodness, this made me laugh. You, m'dear, are not a "Single's Ward Reject" are absolutely stunning. Don't let the vulture's make you think otherwise.