Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Sacrament

I am sure the day will come when I again take for granted taking the Sacrament every week for granted. However that day will be far from where I am now. I expect this new employment/schedule will last quite awhile- meaning I only get to take the Sacrament every other week- indefinitely. I never realized how my soul needs and craves that renewal. I have no rational words to explain or even understand what I feel- It just IS. I am nearly in tears by the time the Sacrament reaches me when I am in the chapel. I am grateful to say the least. It is hard to watch the volunteers at work walk past with the trays of bread and water for the patients in the hospital and know that it isn't stopping for me. It seems somewhat of a miracle when I'm at church and the tray stops just for me. Powerful. Our God recognizes us individually! I remember going to Easter Mass one year and they rebaptize the congregation. They walk around flicking water at the congregation in whole and ta dah- you are all rebaptized! Just not the same.
Today I pondered how grateful I am for worthy Priesthood who bless and pass- because without them it wouldn't matter if I was at church on Sunday because the Sacrament would be as inaccessible as is if I was working. Thank you!
Then I began to ponder those whose country- etc- deny the opportunity to participate in the Sacrament- my heart yearned for them. I yearned for their freedom to participate in the ordinances our souls need- because I have learned we DO need it. I offered a sincere prayer with a new heart and desire on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Christ who are in situations where they are denied the Sacrament that the ordinance may be available to all who desire it. I am also grateful for the Atonement to enable people who are denied the sacrament for poor choices to return to its peaceful, nurturing, and uplifting joys.
I am grateful for my new understanding and appreciation. I wish I had a heart that could learn these profound lessons without experiencing them front and center. But, even Christ learned through experience and that is the point of this life... to experience, to KNOW the good from the evil. Therefore, I accept my lot and the experiences that expand my knowledge, increase my wisdom and increase my gratitude. God in his infinite wisdom knows what I need to experience and endure to grow in light and truth. Everyone's path is different but in the end, if we follow Christ we end up in the same place. And that is a great place and the ultimate goal.


ai said...

The guys who bring it to the hospital for patients will also administer to the staff. I got to take it most Sundays I was at work. But I know how you feel. I hope things work out for you.

Heather McOmber said...

Unfortunately my hosptial has adopted a policy that staff is not to partake of the Sacrament during working hours... Some controversy about being paid to participate in a religious activity.