Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture Please

Yesterday was chore day. Clean the house, mow the lawn, cut back the roses, do laundry etc. In the midst of my lawn mowing an elderly gentleman with a lot of spunk came straight up the lawn toward me. i turn the lawn mower off and pulled my ear phones out of ears to ask if I could help him. His response was a little shocking to me- Can I take your picture of you mowing the lawn? What? He continued to explain that it just isn't something you see everyday- a woman mowing the lawn. He asked if I lived there or if I did all the lawns in the neighborhood. I explained that I live here and be my guest if you would like to take my picture. My only hesitancy and regret was that I decided to mow the lawn right after dance class while I was already dirty and then shower after it was all finished rather than changing a million times. I was not as attired as I would like for a photo op- tank top verses a preferred shirt.

What are the Odds?

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