Saturday, November 8, 2008

Whirly Twirly Autumn Leaves

Today was the perfect Autumn day! How lucky that it landed on a Saturday. After snow and ice earlier this week, mother nature showed her love by a sunny "warm" fall day. The kind that encourages taking time for the present and gratitude. This weekend was my time to take control of the mess the whirly twirly leaves left at the house. I knew it would take a couple of hours... Have you ever noticed how your "2 hour" Saturday projects always wind up as double? I greatly underestimated the size of the task- bagging leaves with only one person takes a long time! I wished my roommates were home to help bag- I considered calling someone for help- but didn't know how that would go over. So being the big girl I am, I did it all alone. It may have been more fun and less time consuming if I had help- but I would have to share the bragging rights. (Which last only till tomorrow when more leaves fall- but the majority had already taken their bow.)

Mid project. I raked the driveways, walkways, gutters in the street, sidewalk, lawn where the chestnuts where because they would chew up the lawn mower, mowed the lawn to pick up the rest of the leaves- had to stop and buy gas for the lawn mower half way through- and swept up after to finish it off. 4 hours later...

I was too tired to smile for the camera. But very pleased with a job well done. Nothing like exercise the old fashion way (although I did take a yoga class 2 hours later). I like to work outside and in the yard. It allowed me to enjoy the entire beautiful day by being outside in it, where I should and wanted to be, rather than from a window- and that is more than something to be grateful for.

In the end- 13 bags of leaves- a slight back ache- and an entire garbage container (the huge collection can) full of grass and leaf clippings.

But it looks great!! And two of my roommates noticed when they came home and made a big deal over the work I put in- and that feels pretty good too. My to do list has some unchecked items on it- but it was worth it. Today was my ode in action to Whirly Twirly Autumn Leaves!