Sunday, November 16, 2008

Erring on the Side of Action

I thought I was done blogging, but, this story has kept coming to my mind for over a week. I might not have peace until I write it. Not sure of its significance and I feel sheepish about it for several reasons. Not the kind of story I typically publish as a blog. I have not put the research into this story as I should have- getting the circumstances and details to be sure I am not expounding false information. So major disclaimer before I start! It is paraphrased and more than second hand. But regardless of the details, I believe the principles are sound.
Last month I was talking with my brother and he shared this story. Elder Uchtdorf was interviewing men to reorganize a stake presidency. One of the men he interviewed sat down and during the course of the interview simply stated- I already know that I will be in the presidency- the spirit has already told me. Elder Uchtdorf was surprised and speechless and remained quiet for awhile seeking understanding for the situation. Then the gift of discernment came and he understood. He responded- You are not quite right. The spirit told you that you are worthy to be in the stake presidency but at that point you stopped listening. Otherwise you would have heard the but. But it is not now. Here was a man close to and willing to hear the spirit- but- he missed some. How often do I fail to get the whole message? How much more is the Lord trying to tell me? Whether I stopped listening mid-sentence or I received counsel for how to proceed and then stopped listening when it was time for that counsel to change. I am sure I am guilty at times of both accounts. But, I am grateful for the Lord who knows our hearts and desires and has many ways to reach out to his children. I am not sure if the impetus to write this story is my own or from the spirit. As a rule, if I don't know I choose to err on the side of action. So there you have it...

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qb said...

I love that you started this one with disclaimers. Your historian roommates are starting to rub off on you. Wahoo!