Tuesday, September 16, 2008

La Fortuna Arenal -- 9/01/08

Most of the text taken from journal entry 9/1/08

I've lived a hundred lives in 3 days! I can't believe everything we have done. I'm living a life I never even dreamed for myself. And it is the best dream! I have Lived! I am amazed at how many things I had just accepted that I would ever do/see in my life without really being conscious of it. My eyes are opened to them only as I experience doing what I have accepted I "never would". And how wonder- full that experience is.

Butterflies, birds, and the morning sun laying in a hammock still slightly damp from last nights rain. I'm surrounded by trees exotic flowers and fascinating people. I wish I could spend several days just talking and playing with all the people I've been able to meet. Leo has been traveling 8 months and David 14 months. Investment bankers- no reason to go back to work... they met up in so many cities they decided to travel together. Leo went dancing with us although stated he was no dancing. It did take several beers before he was willing to dance at all. He promised to post pictures on facebook of that night (he was the only with a camera that night)- but so far no dice. Dancing that night probably was the best "I'll never" but did experience yet- and perhaps for the rest of my life. Isela came out dancing with Amy Leo and I and introduced us to her friends. One of them was Jonathan- and he was an excellent dancer. Dancing with a Tico (Costa Rican) in a Latin country... It was a "Dance with Me" dance. Andrea is probably the only one to understand that. The style of dance was very similar to that movie. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have wanted to dance like that since I saw that movie. And then there was the latino question... If that dance had been the last few days of the trip rather than the first few days, I think my answer would have been very different. (I still wish I could go back to Arenal and dance with Jonathan again...)

Amy and Leo

Arenal Volcano

Glowing red lava flowing and tumbling down a volcano as dusk turns into night has to be one of the most majestic and beautiful things I've seen. How can someone capture in words that experience? I've decided the volcano is female- for many reasons. A skilled female whom I should learn from. She maintains a mysterious allure. Covered by clouds and smoke she rarely allows peaks to see small captions of what is behind- constantly drawing your gaze creating desire to know more. And then all at once she is unveiled and shares her secrets only to be withdrawn so quickly you didn't have time to capture it all. Always bringing you back for more.

Veiled Arenal

La Fortuna (the town) and Arenal at night

Trying to respect the Sabbath- I went to mass- since there isn't a branch that we knew of in Arenal. Mass in Central America is a bit different than what I've experienced in the US. A keyboard, guitar, and recorder were played for their songs and the very classic Latino beat prevailed. But never fear- the collection plate was passed- and Emily would be proud- I was ready for it. I think pews are uncomfortable no matter what country you are in.

We kept our activities more subdued for the sabbath. We saved rappelling down waterfalls for Monday and went on horseback to the La Fortuna waterfalls. Which was Isela's day off, so she came with us- despite her hangover from the discoteque the night before. It is exhilarating to ride a horse while it's running. Trotting not so fun. Sit bones bouncing on a hard saddle... It was been years since I have been on a horse. Fun!

Amy on horseback

Best way to cure a hang over... start drinking again.

View from my ride. My horse did not like to stop... taking pictures was a bit tricky.

The Top of La Fortuna Waterfalls- all we have to do now was hike down to the bottom. Oh- and that wire running through the middle? Part of our zip line we did the day before...

Part of the hike down to the waterfall. I love the rain forest!!!

A cool picture I took on the hike down...


Just to prove I was there...

Look at the color of that water!

I felt like I was in a calender. Except for the sound. The cicadas are almost deafening they are so loud. And the waterfall itself was mighty to the ears as well.

We got back to the hostel just in time for our Tabacon adventure...

to be continued...

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