Friday, November 12, 2010

Grand Canyon Photo Extravaganza

I realize that it is nearing Thanksgiving and that I went to the Grand Canyon over Labor Day weekend... but really that is not that important. The important part is that I am getting it done (finally). Ok- there is one more "not that important" detail about this post. The pictures are in reverse order. We ended at the Colorado river and double bridge and began at the Bambi Cafe... But it is much easier to post it this way. So this is how it is going to be.

Before the summer got into full sway Emily and I planned out a few fun summer trips. The last thing we wanted for the summer to get away from us and not have any new great experiences. This Grand Canyon trip was one of those spectacular mini get aways. Two car loads of people, camping gear, one British stowaway, and views that would take a long time to be ordinary; that was our trip.

On the way to Page Arizona after it was all said and done to deliver our stowaway.

The old and the new.
Keyhole point- one of my favorite pictures. Sunday was a day of interdenominational church service at the lodge, a mule ride, and a scenic drive.

Oh, Sunday was also a sunset.

I took A LOT of these pictures of the canyon. It just draws you in- and you endlessly and futilely try to capture it.

Our trail guide. She was the real deal- in another life I think I would have made a good cowgirl.

The gang- I know what you are thinking...with posture and pose on a horse like that we look like professionals.
Emily deserved her very own mule spotlight- this was her dream and desire- ride at the Grand Canyon. Love that I was there for you to live a dream- no matter the size.

Windy standing out on a precipice. I do believe I was in a skirt during this scampering on the boulder ledge. Skirt because it was Sunday- it doesn't stop me from exploring.

On top of that boulder ledge I was exploring on the top of the grand canyon I found this shell embedded in the rock. Yeah, that was pretty cool.

The Brit- stowaway. He was hiking rim to rim when Eric and I ran into him and offered to help- which he denied at that time. Ran into him again the next day and he was still in need of help. So he joined our group, campsite, and we even gave him a ride to our next destination. (never mind the 10day stay at the house the following week because Emily is too nice and he just seemed to be attached to SLC. We offered 1-2 days- apparently they do math differently in England.) Nice guy nonetheless.
Planning at the campsite.

I'm a sucker for sepia.

Loved the shadows in this picture.

This guy was the BIGGEST wasp I have ever seen. Wish I had something next to it for scale.

The trail down into the canyon- I wanted to keep going but time and group restraints limited too much exploring- but Eric and I went a bit past where the trail disappears.

This plant was COOL

Same place as before but this time looking up the trail to where we started- at the top of the trees.

The 2 brave souls willing to go deeper to the depths of the canyon that anyone else.

Day One- Emily I only used this picture because I loved the face you made.

The lodge...

Perhaps we are friends.

The whole gang... Eric, Emily Utt, Heather McOmber, Laura Durham, Sierra, Anya Bybee, Allison Miles, Kim Woodbury

And my a favorite stop... El Bambi Cafe in Beaver, Utah. When we drove by it we had to turn around and stop. As long as you like hamburgers you will get a long just fine with it. And I must say- they make a pretty good burger. And the cafe was named (by luck of the draw) after a deer that the owner's son adopted and kept outside the cafe 40 years ago.

And the rest is history.

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Gorgeous photos! Makes me want to go back!