Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I do not like elephants

Elephants are not my favorite. I do not like elephants because they walk right into the middle anything they choose and sit right down in the middle of the room making a mess of everything. Do you know how much energy is wasted to host an elephant? A lot. Food alone to keep it alive is an endless endeavor and then add all the clean up... There is no ability to enjoy company- you can't even see each other through or around the elephant that is blocking the view. Peace and serenity- forget it. The problem is that convincing an elephant that it is not welcome takes at least 2 people- (sometimes much more depending on the size of the elephant). But if only one person is courageous enough to face the elephant then very little progress is made. Next thing you know elephant #1 has called all its friends to join in and the have destroyed everything. Just why are we so afraid of elephants? Not that I am not guilty of my own elephant phobia from time to time. I just think that I would rather be using all that energy for something other than the maintenance of an elephant. Anyone willing to join me in my quest to banish elephants from mine and other's living rooms and back to Africa where they belong?

1 comment:

The McKameys said...

love it! You're so creative. i'll banish elephants with you. when do we start?