Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Today I was informed that I could not treat any patients until I had come into full compliance with hosptial standards. I didn't even know I was out of compliance. It turned out that I hadn't had one of my standard vaccines- so I became the victim of a stabbing this morning. I was informed I would be sore tomorrow. Forget tomorrow! I was sore starting 2 hours after.

I treated a 90 year old patient who still had naturally brown hair- some grey interspersed but I was amazed that the majority was still brown.

I treated a patient today who in years pass had a gastric bypass and intenstinal shortening. When I walked in the room she was taking a bite out of a crown burger that was as big as my head and was asking where her onion rings were. Lets just say that the surgery wasn't as successful as she wished and she suffers from chronic diaherra. Shocking...

Anyway- just a couple of random tid bits from my day at work.

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Ashley Stolworthy said...

I'm glad it wasn't a "real" stabbing. At least it was on purpose and not accidental. :)