Sunday, April 25, 2010

Innumerable and Priceless

I would like to report that life is good. I am blessed with so much in my life- when I take a step back and look through clearer eyes I see myself blessed far beyond the efforts and good intentions my life could ever hope to earn. Simply the knowledge of the eternities/gospel, the blessings of the endowment, and the love of family and friends are of the riches blessings to be cherished and prized above all. But I also have health, strength, coordination, and the beauties of the earth to see, admire, and play in. There is music to move the soul and the feet in rhythm which I can hear, feel, and create. I live in a comfortable beautiful home. I have a job where I am part of a team- respected and appreciated and am paid more than enough to cover my needs and enough wants to never complain. My mind is open and receptive-capable of learning without major obstacle. I have the means to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and fed all three meals without concern. I indeed have very little in my life worthy of complaint. Although sadly, I, amazingly enough, forget these things and choose instead to focus on small insignificant worries, detours, disappointments, or fatigues. How easy it is to turn a grain of sand into a giant boulder. I have seen enough of this world-from third world countries to physical limitations from working in health care to KNOW that these blessings are gifts, to be treasured. Many things I take for granted are others unreachable dream. I hope I can take time to stop, ponder, and appreciate just how rich my life is and toss the boulders in my sight back into the sand box where they belong.


SRA said...

Amen and amen. Great seeing you the other night. :)

McDave said...

well said sister. Hope you have a good time off this week. Call me and we'l get together be fore I go back to work on Saturday.