Monday, November 9, 2009

Spinning on a Dime

I have noticed two different ways life changes. Sometimes it is such a gradual curve that you thought you were headed in a ceaseless straight line until you turn around miles down the road only to realize you have been traveling a degree at a time to find yourself surprisingly in a new place- the sum of the one degree added up to something big in the end (for good or for ill). Other times life spins on a dime. As if the dime was a magic portal you stepped on that spins you around 100 times fast - even faster than Mary Poppins spins-(Ashley Stolworthy, that was for you!) forget spotting your head!- and then dumps you out in a foreign land/ planet. Everywhere you were going, everything you were thinking, and all your plans you were making need more than a little revising. But thinking and seeing clearly is essentially impossible because the world is still spinning and forget trying to look around to get your bearings because any attempts at walking might land you directly on your bottom.

Just in case you were curious, I've had a spin on a dime episode... I certainly did not see any warning signs of a transport portal ahead. Still not sure if I landed on idyllic paradise or a hostile war plagued mine field. When my head clears and I trust my legs to walk around I'll let you know. Regardless- A new adventure is a foot- and I am usually game for an adventure. Wish me luck!!

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