Monday, November 23, 2009

McOmbers Take to the Pool

This picture was actually taken at the end of the night-- FHE extraordinaire, all the McOmbers take to the Lehi pool on a very chilly November evening. And we had a great time!

Check out the fun and goofy grin on Clara- she was laughing at her dad trying to get her to smile for the camera!

Here's a few pictures of Clara and I playing around...

Most of the women folk...

Now I realize that this is not the best picture... but to catch my mother smiling like that with a camera lens is a MIRACLE. So it had to be documented.

David and Clara Rae series begins now...

Grandpa Val and Jacob

A perched Jody

A very concerned Heather Kenna

Heather Kenna still giving me looks even with Daddy holding her.

Jacob and his Batman and Robin goggles...

Some of the gang

Mommy and Me swim lessons starring Jody and Andrea

All in all a most excellent night!!!

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