Monday, August 17, 2009

Ward Camp Out

Does it get any better than playing together?
Only by embarrassing yourselves together!
Ward Camp Out Extravaganza

Brother and Sister Buie

Yes Karaoke is a spectator sport

It was supposed to be a picture of the tables of people... but it turned out to be a picture of the back of Fransico's head.

I learned that you can't hide Joel's pasty thighs during this song...
Some of the ward leadership including the bishop-- Eagles
"You can't hide your lying eyes"
I was surprised how many people had never heard this song before.
A little west side story action

I let Erika talk me into some crazy "interpretive"dancing.
It topped off my limit of public humiliation and ended my dancing for the night-
But it was- Fun...?

It wouldn't have been too bad if we weren't the ONLY ones in front of EVERYONE

Love those girls-
Yes- she did sing Earl had to Die by the Dixie Chicks!
Maybe my favorite part of the night- after all the crazy fun- starlight guitar and singing
Oh and John played "my song" for me- Slow Dancing.

Not sure what Ash is doing... but glad she was there

I think the ward camp out is officially one of my favorite activities! Great people- good food- beautiful location- What more can one want? Well I could have wanted to wake up in time for breakfast and the morning devotional! I was frustrated most the day because I missed it all. Working every other week/Sunday I miss out on a lot- both socially and spiritually with the ward. So I really look forward to such things. Well I didn't hear anyone that morning because I was sleeping up above most people and well- I missed it all! So my pictures are only from the crazy night before of dancing, karaoke, and the guitar jam. It rained on and off lightly that night but right as everyone was packing up it started to hail and the crack of thunder almost knocked you off your feet. I was grateful for Riley, Anna, and Hannah who noticed I was a bit behind and with the hail I could use a hand taking down the tent. And just like that it was all over. And I was very hungry by the time I got home.


Ashley Stolworthy said...

Pasty thighs? What?! I missed it! Where was I?! Oh... playing songs on my guitar... jk :) This is great!! I've decided I would try to incorporate other types of facial expressions into my facial vocabulary :) I like that picture of us, we're cute.

Dad said...

Quite the crazy dance you showed.
So, in the form of Karaoke, as the theme: -- "wild thing, I think I (still) love you" - the Troggs.
Glad to see you having fun!

"Wild make my heart sing...
You make everything - Groovy"