Sunday, August 16, 2009

Solo Journey- Destination Logan and More...

My weeks off are slowing starting to gain some what of a routine. Tuesday I start out slowly trying to recover from 7 days of insanity. The recovery is multidimensional- my own physical, mental and emotional as well as the environment I inhabit. There is much that is left undone during my work weeks. My room, the bathroom, kitchen, and this week I added on the front room to the list. Since I've been at it for a little while they are getting faster and easier to get back together. The amazing thing is -that even with 7 days off- I still can't do it all! Take for example the front stairs- they need to be cleaned badly!- or good old T-Rex and all the info from that computer I need to download and organize,- organize pictures- download music,-oil change for my car,- pants hemmed-, new tires for my car... All these things are on my list to do but haven't yet. Time will always be finite.
Wednesday I feel a need to escape- but since I am diligently trying to save money (down payment on a house and my travel fund)-I have to keep my gallivanting under control. I've decided to combine my temple session with my need to fly the coop. So I took my solo journey of the week- to Logan. I named this last Wednesday my Mary Poppins day- it was practically perfect in every way. I slept in, studied for my Sunday school lesson, had a spiritually and intellectually enlightening conversation with my roommate Emily who happened to come home for lunch. Then I jetted off to Logan and enjoyed a beautiful summer drive. I arrived at the temple literally just in time for the next session. It was my first time at the Logan temple- I do Love firsts!

The temple is even more beautiful at night, lit up, standing alone at the top of the hill.

After the session I took a drive up Logan canyon until I found a trail head. I changed from temple patron to hiking adventurer in the parking lot and headed out to see what this trail had to offer.

The particular trail I happened to stop at was perfect. Less than 2 miles up to the wind caves. Here is my destination. I wasn't sure what I was getting into because the trail head warned that it was a "difficult" hike. I kept waiting for the hike to become difficult- all the way till the end... It was uphill but not difficult.

Carved by wind!?

Watch your step!! It was a gradual incline until... yikes. I wouldn't get any closer to that edge. I could just see my feet sliding out from under me and ending up at my hosptial.

I made it back down the mountain in time to meet up with Pat Neary (who I met on the Havasupai trip) for dinner. I facebooked him that morning asking for a locals advice of things to do in Logan- he happened to be free that night so we met up at his house- he just bought it this year- and took off for Cafe Sabala. (I prefer non- chain restaurants whenever possible.) We talked for a couple hours- lingering at an empty table long after the food was gone. It was great! Intelligent conversation is a favorite. I love using the knowledge I have and learning about new things. Sometimes I think conversations are monochromatic- same things rehashed over and over without a flare of intellect. Refreshing and rejuvenating to discuss like that. I don't talk about the Hippocampus and Amygdala of the brain everyday- or learn about proving new mathematical equations.
We went to USU campus for a great view of the temple at night and then it was time for me to drive home. I enjoyed the late night drive back and had smile on my face because it was then that I realized it had been a Mary Poppins kinda day.
My tentative plan is to explore Utah using the temples as a "road map".
Thursday I went to Lehi to visit family and help out if possible- got to remind the kids who their favorite aunt is! It takes a bit of effort to try to gain and retain the favorite aunt position- can't just assume...
Then the rest of the week just seems to slip by like a slippery live fish in your hands. Between studying and preparing for my lesson and friends finally able to play with me. I was excited when my Saturday night "I want to do something" became a fun night out. Text messaging is amazing. I called Rachel and asked if she was up for the dollar movie theater- we texted peeps and we had 12 people at the movies in about an hour.

Today I worked up the courage to go to RW's company dance class. I thought I managed alright for someone who dances here and there. But it was quite the complement when one of the company members commented that I looked beautiful/great. I know it was all things considered- but still, an unsolicited compliment like that from someone I was watching in awe... I'll take it!

And so here I am on my last day- blogging again. Perpetually trying to keep up! But let me tell you one thing I am going to get done -Finally- on my list of things to do this week... A NAP!
Hasta La Siesta!

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