Monday, August 3, 2009

Havasupai- 2009

Disclaimer- I am not a photographer nor a historian. I am grateful for the pictures I do have but there is much left undocumented by me. Although I could sort through the 1000 + pictures that have been compiled from every one's cameras and produce a complete work... I'm just not that dedicated. So you have some of highlights from my camera.

The trip started with the typical late night shopping and packing frenzy- a scale to weigh the pack and re evaluating over and over what don't I need to lighten the pack. The next morning came very early as we congregated at the master coordinator's house- Jamie Prince. Car loads assigned- our car - Will drove, Kristin, Andrew, and Pat and I jumped in and we were off. What can I say- we had a fun car! I did not know any of the boys but we were soon all laughing, talking, sleeping, teasing, and the whole 12 hour road trip was one of the most enjoyable long rides I can remember. At St George we stopped at Jaime's mothers house who had made lunch for everyone- that is about 15-20 hungry singles. And it was hot! The cookies she sent with us melted before we even got them to the car. Will's family lives in Vegas- and since we were driving through we stopped in and met Will's Mom. Also- very hot. But a popsickle and some water, chapstick and a mothers reminder to pray and be safe and we were set. The bathroom and the ping pong table were also utilized. At the Hoover dam we stopped- stepped outside and thought yikes!! Only 115 degrees. I had never been to the Hoover dam before and was very excited about it. Finally we came to the Indian reservation- after saving the world from some trash at the hotel after a bathroom break we made it to the parking lot. We thought we were way behind from our extra stop in Vegas but like the tortoise and the hair we were the second car. Fortunately the car that beat us was the one with dinner inside. Jamie's mom not only feed us lunch but packed away a dinner for everyone!

Here we are in the parking lot of the trail head eating most delicious curry chicken wraps and chips.

We spent the night on the landing next to the parking lot sort of near the edge of the cliff. The Cliff didn't seem too near until we heard horses stampeding in the middle of the night towards us and we thought we were cornered. Fortunately a dog herded them (2) up and we were safe. But everyone was crouched ready to spring. That is my beautiful sleeping bag in all its heaviness. I really should invest in a light weight bag.

On the trail- I wish I had a picture of the switch backs- the trail looks cake from here. But it was pitch black both times I was on it. Remember Hoover dam at 115 degrees wasn't that far away- we headed out at 4 am in the dark to miss the heat.

Hiking at sunrise.

Wild horses- very skinny ones. Along the trail we met wild horses, a pack of wild dogs with blood shot eyes, and locals rounding up their horses through the gully so fast we dived out of the way up onto a boulder as they came running past. You can move quickly with a heavy pack on if you have enough motivation.

The coordinator hostess with the mostest!! Jamie- we are almost there!

The new fall created after/during the flooding last year. Replacing the previous fall which apparently was on the other side. We got to town at about 7:30 am bought our permits took a little break and finished the last 2 miles.

One of the churches in the village. This is an Indian reservation, this is the Havasu Indians. They sell permits to camp on their land. I much prefer this method of making money than to casinos.

River leading the way...

There she is- isn't she beautiful- Havasu Falls! Yeah- I was swimming in that only a few hours later.

Some of us girls at the top of the falls.

Changing into swimsuits in a camp site is tricky and hilarious business.

Original camp site... I think a hammock would have been the way to go. Others in our group knew what they were doing.

We can't believe we are actually standing in this glorious place. How did we get sooo lucky!?

I think sitting at the picnic table in the river was one of my favorite things! I don't have a picture but we had 15 people at one time crowded on.

Moony Falls- a favorite

This was part of the trail...

So was this...

And so was this!
I admit my heart rate increased the first time- especially with the frayed rope holding one of the ladders. But it was that dangerous sort of fun and excitement and it was worth it!


Two of my favorite people- Will and Kristin. Will has more stories than Mother Goose. In fact Kristin and I were remembering them last night and just remembering them made me laugh so hard I almost cried. The first time around I was laughing crying and trying to fit breathing in somewhere. It was amazing.

Guess who we found there the same weekend--- Emily Hodson!

I was there!! This place is real! What my camera failed to show is how tropical teal blue the water is.

I think this is one of my favorite pics of me. Not bad for 30... =)

I taught a morning yoga class the morning after our hike it. We were all a little stiff and sore.
There was the group that had a little morning 5 mile one way jog to the Colorado river... I was happy with my yoga.

Hanging out at the table- must have been a meal time...

Good Morning!! I think it was 7am or so. Impossible to sleep in camping.

Helicoper landing pad. Hike, ride a horse, or fly- those are your only options here.

Church!! This is almost the whole group- but we are still missing a few who somehow managed an escape before the photo. There is only one active family in the village. There used to be many. But we are grateful for the one family because we had a place to take the Sacrament on the Sabbath.

There were a few battle wounds along the way. Kristin's toe decided to morph into a blister- a huge blister.

My pride and desire to show off for a cute boy with a video camera lead to my dimise. You will see the actual injury a day or so after the fact later. It bleed well...

We spend the rest of the Sabbath at the edge of the river cooling our feet in the river and just talking and enjoying a day of rest.

A river runs through it! Through the campgrounds that is.

We were in a slot canyon of red rock. Absolutely stunning- except when it channeled a hot wind up the canyon at night that made you feel like you were inside a blow dryer.

Lindy and I. Love that girl. We were orginally coming together later because the permits were sold out for the first night. Change of plans later- but without the orginal plan I might never have made there.

Kristin's shiner from the rope swing... it was really pretty and unique.

Hiking out at sunset Sunday night.

We made it!! 10 miles later... Even with a much light pack- the hike out was still intense. We were back at the parking lot at 1am. Bet you can't tell where Kristin's pack was. We hiked out in our car groups for the way home. Andrew was with us but he stopped at the switchbacks and didn't make it in until 3:30am.

Here is my pretty foot already healing well. For the hike out I still had the skin flap and we superglued it closed. That worked for a little while until it just became a hard loose skin flap... But by that time my feet were warm and numb from hiking and as long as we didn't really stop I was fine.
Sunrise overlooking our trek.

The whole car altogether at sunrise before our long drive home. I don't know if you figured it out yet- but there wasn't a lot of sleeping on this trip. Too many sunrises and sunsets pictured...

Look close and you will see a rack to behold! He was in the middle of the street as we were driving home.

I had my camera out this time for the HOOVER DAM

The crazy bridge they are building- soooo high.

Since we had to pass through Vegas on our way out... we of course said hello to mamasita- Will's Mom. We all took a couch and passed out for an hour. Then we hit the Bellagio buffet. I mean backpacking food for days! Wouldn't you?!
The rest they say is history. We safety arrived at Jamie's only to discover Pat's car had been towed over the weekend. He was able to sort through that mess and Kristin and I got in at 11pm. I was starting my work week the next day and i was anxious for bed. I will tell you last week was a little harder at work because I was already exhausted. But it was Worth it a million times over!!!


Anonymous said...

What a great adventure, I may repent my disinterest in grand canyon hikes

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BentPerception said...

I just happened to stumble upon your page here while seeking out info for my near future trek into the canyon. Even though I am a well traveled hiker and know for the most part how to prepare properly for adventures of these sorts, I foud your writings very insightful as to what kind of conditions to expect. Your pics and the included dialouge "Learning to let go and live"
serve as motivational & inspiratinal tools as I will be making the journey alone, by choice (I'm 33 now and I've been wanting to go to the falls for 12 years and found it to complicated for me to find anyone else interested enough to make plans for the trip). I look at it as a right of passage of personal growth, as well as perfect opportunity to immerse myself as much as possible into the local culture of the Havasupai Tribe and meet other people form other states/countries :) And of course a perfect opportunity to test out the full capabilities of my new toys (Nikon D3000 and acessories), lol! Glad you and your fellow tribe had a enjoyable & safe journey! You have a new fan of your keep posting, lol :)

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In addition, theIpad 3 will land in the сalenԁar first quаrter.
Ѕo hοw much of a diѕtractiοn for ѕomе users,
saуs Ben Bajarin, princіpаl аt Cгeativе Strategiеs, an induѕtry analyѕis fіrm.

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