Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stream of Conscious

This may be the longest I have gone between posts. It is funny how I let opinions of others affect me- regardless if I am conscious of it or not... I am excited to report that this post is being written from the comfort of a reclined pose in my bed! Yes indeed, thanks to my brother- otherwise who knows when I would have gotten around to it-I am writing from my brand spanking new laptop!! It is beautiful. He put a lot of work into it. Thank you, Thank you! T-Rex is all but a thing of the past- right where it belongs. I just have to transfer some files over and find a good home for someone who likes prehistoric artifacts. It is much better than being chained to the freezing corner. Miracles never cease.
I am grateful I believe in miracles, that God has the power and is willing if necessary to perform a miracle in my life and others lives. There is great comfort in that- whether it happens or not, knowing if it were necessary it could be done helps to get through whatever I'm wading through at the moment. I just wish the wading was more along the lines of a hot summer day walking through a streambed in the forest of North Carolina. There was one particular spot outside of Chapel Hill I loved to go to. It was a easy trail walk in the beautiful woods to an expansion of the stream bed deep enough to swim in and big rocks to sit in the sun on and dry off...

I am often amazed at how strongly our personal will/desire can cloud our view and vision- basically to the point of deceiving ourselves to the bitter end. Choosing to hold onto certain pieces that support our position and ignoring the ones that don't to the point you cannot see it as any thing else. The worst is when you know that is a possibility but you have convinced yourself you have been objective in your analysis...
Once again the cliche- "you don't know what you have until it's gone" has proved its truth and why it has lasted through the years.

I am grateful for the underlying peace I feel despite... despite many things.

I hope to learn- always.

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Thinker said...

I'm just wondering what you have lost that you are now missing and didn't appreciate at the time?