Saturday, February 21, 2009


Sometime last year I took my niece on a "Heather and Jody date". Just time with the two of us. Monday it was Jacob's turn. I asked Jacob what he would like to do several weeks ago. He was quick to reply- BONES! Dinosaur bones! The animation and gesturing of excitment was contagious. He even found a coupon for $2 off the museum and kept it safe until the big day. He only called a couple times to get a specific date... There is nothing like a child's excitment and enthusiasm. These dates are more fun and worthwhile than just about anything else I do. Besides there is no other boy so excited to see and go on a date with me than Jacob.

From the moment we walked into the museum that finger was pointing and he was telling me to look, look!

And it hardly stopped!

The museum had a lot of fun hands on activites for kids. Jacob tried them all.

It was President's Day and it was crazy busy!

Thsi one was the coolest because the kids got to get dirty. Bury the dinosaurs in the sand and water- created your own future fossils...

Love that boy!!

I wouldn't want that crawling over to get to me...

He picked out on his own the shirt I gave him for Christmas to wear. And crazy enough- his pants used to be my brothers when he was little.

And what did he want for a treat after? Cheetos and root beer of course!

But it had to be in the special dinosaur cup with straw.

Thanks for the great date!!
Love you Jacob!!

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The McKameys said...

That is so sweet...and he looks just like a McOmber. You're an awesome auntie. Wish we were closer, you could be my kids' auntie, too. Kate