Monday, February 28, 2011


Winter is not the easiest of seasons for me. I like it- I really do- but only for 2 months. After that, I'm done. Done with the cold, done with digging my car out of the snow to go to work in the morning, and done with being light deprived. So this year I invested in skiing. A ski pass, skis, and a couple of lessons. I figured with all my time off I could really put it to use. I am not sure I have accomplished as much as I set out to do... but I have made progress and I think it has helped. I realize I could do more than I have with my ski pass. But without it I am not sure I would have made it up there much at all. There is something about doing everything by yourself all the time that makes motivation more difficult- even when you love something. Why is it that most things are better shared?
I am definitely not to the point of loving skiing, yet. I am not sure that I destined to love skiing as much as my friends. Perhaps the patients I see during my work week make me a little more cautious than the average skier. All the broken backs, necks, legs, arms... There was one skier who we thought might end up with an amputated leg. But... I am enjoying having a better reason for the snow.
But it is March and I am really ready for the blah of winter to fade into the brightness of spring.

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