Monday, February 28, 2011

February Plight for Light

I decided I need sun in February. Time to break up the gloom and get a little vitamin D restoration. So I took myself on a little joyride- to Vegas and St George. My aunt had a condo rented out in St George that I took advantage of and I spent a day and night with Katrina in Vegas. I watched the weather and picked a week that by the end reached 70 degrees. That may not sound tropical, but the week before it was 0 degrees and 70 degrees made me giddy (and sunburned). Just a little pink... but I was so excited to be pink. I decided that I would treat myself to the things I had never given myself the expense to do. Besides, it was also Valentines weekend and no one else is going to treat me to a fantastic getaway- so I gave it to myself. I saw Cirque's O, went shopping at the Vegas outlets and was going to hike Angels Landing- but ran out of time so I hiked through a ravine and scampered on boulders and watched some climbers in an area next to the condo instead. Dangerous- that is all I have to say about the outlets in Vegas- 2 watches, a wallet, purse, belt, and fabulous pair of boots later... PS I would go and see O again in a heartbeat. By the end of the great February plight for light I was rejuvenated. It is amazing what a little light can do.


Laura Lee said...

I LOVED "O"! I think next time I'm going to see Mystere.

I had a Vegas trip planned a couple weekends ago that I had to cancel because of snow. Boo.

Snazzy boots.

SRA said...

Sweet all around.