Friday, May 14, 2010


I'm not sure if this is "already" my 200th post- or if it is "only" my 200th post. Not that it matters either way. But here is a celebration of a few snippets of the last couple of years neatly stored away in "ether space". The blog contains highs, lows, blahs, funnies, and a few pictures reflecting life on my planet. And truly I have come to believe that everyone lives life on their own planet- the range of experiences and perceptions that each individual has creates an entirely unique paradigm- a unique orbit of rotation- and a unique gravity pull. Truly it is fascinating.
In my 200th post I simply want to say "CHEERS" to life- mine and all others. I am curious to see where I am in life at the end of the next 200. I am certain only of one thing- I will be where I did not expect- that is the one thing I am learning to count on.

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Dave McOmber said...

Yea Heather! #200 is indeed a celebration.

Perhaps you would consider printing out your posts and place them in a physical binder in case the ether becomes unstable.

In any case- our family's thoughts and prayers are with you always- you can count on family. At least you are most familiar with OUR foibles and can know what to expect.

We hope you can come over to celebrate Clara's Birthday on Saturday evening. Call us.