Thursday, February 11, 2010


I woke this morning up so cozy and warm in my bed. - I spied out my window and saw beautiful snowflakes falling and trees leaning heavy with the weight of the inches heavy snow lining the branches. It wasn't sticking to the streets so driving wasn't a problem and we have been so dry the snow was a welcome sight. It was one of those mornings where everything felt right and beautiful in the world.
Alas in an instant it was gone. I soon felt I was on the top of a roller coaster falling down so fast that my stomach landed in my throat. Blissful confidence of forward progression is traded in for a pair of sea legs on dry land. And the day somewhat proceeded with a series of up and downs to make no doubt that I in fact woke up in an amusement park this morning and was actually on a roller coaster.
Now the ride seems to have stopped- and I am walking wobbly woozily waiting for everything to settle back down to the calm hum drum of everyday life. Soon I can shake off the unsettled feeling, forget the stomach drop, and remember only the adventure of the ride.

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