Sunday, January 3, 2010

To Get to the Other Side

Because I can rise above what I currently am to become what I most desire
My complete inability to achieve it on my own strength and power
Because the power of God and the Atonement of Christ overcomes all weaknesses
That is hope, that is power, that is confidence, that is possibility.

I see where I am- and -I see where I desperately want/need to be. The gap between the two is so wide and the chasm so deep the enormity and impossibility of it threatens to envelop me and make me a prisoner of my own limitations. I cannot remember ever feeling so incapable on my own. Then I realize that Christ has overcome the world and with God nothing is impossible. The change I seek and journey to the other side is possible. I believe in Christ- I believe in the power of the atonement. I seek it- not specifically for sin in this case, but for progression and ability to become. Without this hope and faith I am lost- With this hope and faith I am found.

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