Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lessons from a Basketball Game

It is so easy to see the different personalities, likes, talents, strengths and weaknesses in children. I was watching my nephew play in his 6 year old rec team basketball game tonight. There were the average slightly uncoordinated but involved kids, a couple of natural athletes who made all the shots and danced lightly on their toes with a competitive intensity, and there was the one who was just happy to run around with the boys, spin on the gym floor, and try to start a game of tag while on court. Guess which one Jacob was? If I told you he is extremely ADHD could you guess? Did we care that he was twirling around when he was supposed to be under the basket trying to catch rebounds? No, no we didn't. Because it didn't matter- he was having a great time and we were having a great time. His interests where frequently somewhere else. He loves playing with his basketball team- even if he needs Dad shouting out every other minute what he needs to do to stay on task.
It made me wonder why I have felt in my life the need to homogenize. I felt no sense of inequality in the children- despite how different they were from each other. Some weren't loved less because they were slightly uncoordinated or others loved more because of athletic prowess. It was just one of those moments when I could see that I don't have to "be" anything to be of worth. I was born with worth. Just "being" is worth. Just like all those children on the court. All were of worth and brought joy regardless of their performance, goals, interests...


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've never known why anyone would want to homogenize... I'm glad children are here to teach us how crazy we are as adults - sometimes.

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