Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talena and Heather Take to the Hills

Talena and I decided to go for a hike together because she was tirelessly looking for a job and it was my week off- meaning we both had a mid week afternoon to play. We drove up big cottonwood canyon looking for some "inspiration" to strike regarding which trail head to choose. Well- all I have to say is that we found our inspiration! The firemen were doing their physical training at that trail head. When we pulled over they were all in a circle doing push ups and stretching in their workout uniform. I took this picture as they were heading out for the day from up above where the gawking wouldn't be obvious. I was amazed at the two girls who literally stopped right in front of them and shamelessly stared. I was embarrassed for them.

The butterflies were beautiful and captured our attention- photographing butterflies is a difficult business!

The trail was beautiful- the best part was the mountain biker that fell off his bike and down the embankment as soon as he passed us. I'm still claiming our stunning beauty and charm as the cause rather than chain catching as he was changing gears. Out of courtesy I didn't take a picture of him.

Dog Lake- on a log eating PB and J

Happy flowers!

Not so great action shots.
One of the great parts of the hike was the conversation- I have a few new books on my list to read now!

And that was our afternoon!

Thanks to the firemen we had a beautiful hike- just right. It is wise counsel to always heed inspiration =).

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Nasher said...

So it sounds like you advocate being a voyeur as long as one is not seen or does it discreetly? Good to know.