Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh, Canada Again

Still in Canada- spending too much time in a hotel room. Did you like how I got cut off last time? Well it probably will happen again. At least I've been put to work a little bit. Matt took a spill after a triple jump yesterday and i got to run down the landing hill to get to him at the bottom. Really glad I didn't tumble myself getting there. He was holding his knee- not really a good sign. But fortunatly for him he just banged it up pretty good- no ligament or meniscal damage and a good bang on his ankle. Oh, add a little whiplash and I'm pretty busy in my room for a couple hours a day. It really is spectacular watching them jump. They get sooo high! YOu can really see it when you are on the hill/not just watching from the bottom. Today was probably my best day on the hill because I got to stand in the judges booth and film their training. The judges were there most of the time so it was heated. I was not cold at all. Now I can handle winter sports like that! I can't wait to get back to exercising! A little room yoga and i ran some stairs in the cold yesterday... great time is up again---

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a s h o l i n a said...

HooraY!! I'm glad you're having fun! Luv yer guts!! :)