Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I give up- it is only Novemeber and I am already in trouble with the cold frigid nights.  I was walking Jasper- my brothers dog I am dog sitting- and my hands started to sting with cold and move like they belonged on the short bus. Currently I am running around the house with a blanket tied around my waist and I wish it extended to wrap around my feet.  I need more long smart wool socks.  Anyone out there wanting to buy that for me for Christmas? I made up my mind.  If I am going to survive winter I need to let go of the white knuckle grip I have on the pocket book and give in to 67 degrees on the thermostat.  It's true- I am leaving 65 degrees behind and going for a life of luxury- or at least sanity. Thank goodness for the new windows!  And I am thinking I need to put on the kettle and have a cup of something hot.

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RaeLyn said...

Welcome to home ownership...Ah, the joys.
One of the best investments we made on the heating bill (when we had one, tee-hee) was to get one of those programmable thermostats. If you don't already have one, I highly suggest it, they're awesome.